Deep Space Pirates

Warning: development is now halted! We are no more actively developing the game. Occasional patches may be added, but don't expect much more work on the project from us.

Deep Space pirates is a learning project: it all started to get some hands-on experience with gaming technology.
In the meanwhile we may even produce a game, hopefully something that is as much fun to play as it has been to develop it.
The "theme" is the classic space combat game. Think Elite for by Dummies.

I want to play it

Be aware that the current version of the game is not easy to install or may not work (and not much of a game to play). If you want to try it, check the downloads.
In case of problems, or if you have anything to say, contact us.

I want a summary

What we have:

Our program is open source (under a MIT license) - some of the libraries and framework we use have different restrictions.

For the future, this remains a learning project. Not only this means that currently we don't know what we are doing, but also that we are open-ended when it comes to what to study next.
Some ideas for the future:

I have a problem (or something to say)

You may not be alone. Check our bug and feature trackers on sourceforge to have a look at the issues we are working on. If you discovered a new one and can spare a few minutes to tell us, please submit a report in the "Help me!" sourceforge tracker.
Be aware: we can't promise we will able to do anything for it, nor reply in a short time. But thank you for sharing your feedback - we will do our best to take it into account.

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If you want to know more about us, the best place to start is the wiki, or the Sourceforge project.

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